Types of Harrows

As I mentioned in my basic farm equipment post, harrows are important part of the farm.  There are also many different types of harrows as well. In this post we are going to learn about the different types of harrows.

I am only going to cover a couple of the main types of harrows here. We are going to talk about spring harrows, roller harrows, chain harrows and disc harrows.

Spring Harrows

types of harrows - spring harrow

Here is an example of a spring harrow
Photo by Holyoke Home via Flixr

This type of harrow is an older style. It isn’t used very often. It uses flexible iron teeth that mounted in  rows to loosen up the soil  to prepare it for planting.  This type of implement is typically adjusted by hand.

This video gives you an idea what a spring harrow does.

Roller Harrow

types of harrow - roller harrow

Here is an example of a roller harrow
Photo by Danxoneil via Flixr

We use roller harrows to prepare soil for seed planting. They are supposed to crush the soil and break up any lumps of dirt. Usually this type of harrows follows a spring harrow.

The following video is in French, but you will get an idea what it looks like.

Chain Harrow

We use chain harrows to aerate the soil, lift matter off the ground, and to help spread out matter in the field. Sometimes they to cover seed, and loosen packed soil.

Chain harrow are commonly used on baseball diamonds and in landscaping. They can also be used to break up chunks of fertilizer.

For more information on different uses of chain harrows go here to Maybridge Harrows.

This video show you a chain harrow up close.

Disc Harrows

Disc harrow

Here is an example of a disc harrow.

They are used to prepare fields by either chopping up weeds or leftover crop material. The discs are concave to break up the soil after plowing. Disc harrows often use a ‘x’ pattern in order to optimize how the soil is spread out.  They  are more aggressive than spring or tine harrows.

This video is more of an advertisement, but it gives you a close look at a disc harrow.

Conclusions about the types of harrows

From what I can gather the different types of harrows all do similar things, they just do them to varying degrees. Lighter cultivation with the chain and spring harrows to the more aggressive disc harrows. In the end, their main use is preparing the soil for seed.

What other types of harrows do you use ?


  1. double joy says:

    Nice article.

  2. can an old harrow be used as a plough not doing minimum tillage

  3. I stopped at an estate sale and saw harrows made of wood and railroad spikes. Interesting item. I wasn’t sure how they were used. Now I know what harrows are.

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