Start organic farming and reap rewards

start organic farming

Many people want to make a positive change in our food system. A lot of these people know why they should start organic farming, but they don’t where.

Farming and gardening organically or sustainably is a big step in the right direction. Let’s start small and build up from there.

Grow something edible, ANYTHING!

Many people talk to me about growing food and how lovely and gratifying it would be to eat home-grown food. Talking about something is never as gratifying as doing it; the time to grow is now.

Start small: herbs, greens, or sprouts in your window; edible flowers instead of just decorative; a container garden of ex-yogurt containers and ice cream buckets. Disclaimer: I am not responsible if you become heavily addicted to this new ‘drug’.

Actually, I will proudly take full responsibility and will gladly accept any and all products of this addictive behavior.

If you’re plant dies, try something different. Eventually, you WILL succeed and it will be glorious.

Check out these great resources to start growing:

Volunteer at a chemical-free community garden, organic farm, or a friend’s organic garden. 

  1. Search out a garden or farm in your area.
  2. Contact them about volunteering.
  3. They rejoice and would love for you to come whenever.
  4. You meet similar-minded people and farmers.
  5. Profit (In produce and knowledge, not monetarily, obviously.).

 start organic farming

Start shopping at a farmer’s market and talk to the farmers. 

If you don’t know where your local farmer’s market is, ask locals or phone your city hall and inquire. Check out Farmer Market or Yelp to locate your local Farmer’s Market, both work pretty well. When in doubt, Google your city name and ‘farmer’s market’. Go a couple times and you know who the organic growers are.

Remember though, even if a farmer does not have the organic certification, they can still be organic! Ask about their farming practices and you won’t have to guess.

Ask the farmers questions about their produce and goods. Ask them how their farm is doing. Be friendly and then slowly start asking them how they got started. 

Read ALL the organic agriculture literature you can handle. Learn some history on where modern organic agriculture came from. 

Realizing the roots of modern organic farming brings perspective to how far the movement has come. Many books written 50+ years ago contain foundational principles still practiced today.

start organic farmingstart organic farming

Sir Albert Howard, Lady Eve Balfour, Eliot Coleman, Masanobu Fukuoka, Bill Mollison; read them all and get inspired to grow.

>Eliot Coleman’s Dirty Dozen – 12 farming must-reads
>A large free agricultural library

Check out a Brief History of Modern Organic and Sustainable Farming

Join a social media platform and interact with organic growers and agvocates. 

Twitter is a great place to start. There is a lot going on, but if you focus in on organic farming and agriculture in general, you won’t be overwhelmed in the least bit.

Tumblr is a great option to start blogging, and the free blog is getting better and better every day. I like wordpress for wordier posts and tumblr for more picture-based posts.

For phones, Instagram is a great option for organic farmers and gardeners; produce, gardens, and people make good-looking pictures.

Starting to farm or garden organically is just like any other thing you want to do in life; thinking about it will only get you so far, YOU NEED TO DO! You won’t regret it. 

This guest post was written by Tom Boyden of Organic and Urban, a blog taking action to renew our food system through organic and urban farming. Follow him on Twitter @Organic_Urban

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