Best farming forums for young farmers

best farming forumsWhen I started, I didn’t know very much about farming. I needed information. I had a terrible time trying to find information. I searched all over the place trying to find the best farming forums to connect with other farmers.

I was looking for forums specifically because I know how helpful they can be. I have a video gaming background, so I am very familiar with forums. Strangely enough, Farming Simulator 2013 is one of the games I play from time to time.

Back to forum talk. Luckily, there are some forum out there that you’ll find extremely helpful. I thought I’d share what forums I’ve found very helpful.

Tractor By Net

The people on Tractor by Net are very knowledgeable. They’ve helped me a lot. I;ve been working my way through the process of choosing a tractor, and they’ve helped me a lot in making the right decision.

They live and breathe tractors on this forum. I’ve had some great conversations about what to look for when buying used farm equipment. Obviously, most of the talk is going to be about tractors, but I’ve had some great conversations about why using sickle mowers are a good choice for a new farmers.

I’ve also talked about brands and what is the best choice for a new farmer. It’s a wealth of information.

If you’re looking for information about tractors, this is a fantastic place to check out.

The forum is probably the most helpful forum that I’ve encountered. I asked very basic question , but the community was willing to respond.

This forum tends to be more for farmers who have a lot of money, but they still have a lot of relevant information.

In this forum, I had a super conversation about what to look for when buying a planter. It was extremely helpful because I don’t know much about types of seeders. I talked with them about the things to look out for when buying.

Although I did get to a point where one member suggested to talk to a farm equipment dealer, I still think it’s a great place to check out if you’re a new farmer.

In the forum you’ll be able to find all sorts of things discussed here. Personally, I’ve been most active talking about seeders( again I know). I’ve been using the Ontario Agriculture part of the forum.

Having the forum narrowed down is really nice if you want to talk about a particular province.

Also, this forum helped me connect with other farmers, which you should be doing as well. I connected with Paul Smith who wrote a guest post for me on What is Precision Farming for another site I have.

I also connected with Gus Ternoey who writes one of the blogs on Strangely enough, I also connected with him on twitter without realizing before. It was pretty funny once I realized. is a great forum for connecting with people, which is a great when you’re starting out.

Conclusion of best farming forums

There are many great places out there to connect with people and get information. These are what I consider to be the best farming forums. These are only a few of the places where you can learn about farming. There are many other places out there.

Leave a comment with what farming forums you use.



  1. Really helpful farming resources sites thank you

  2. Yeah it is true good list of useful things. But i thing that there is no section about where to get a good inventory for being professional farmer i’d like some like bucket or agrimotor i hope you will take my coment in sight and in futer we will se some useful again.

  3. oh it’s very good; i like froum

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