Why young farmers love tech

farming technologyI had a thought-provoking conversation with my sister-in-law about technology the other day. We talked about how improving efficiency is crucial to success on a small farm.

One of the ways to improve efficiency is to use technology. It can do so many great things for your farm, but not everyone is on board. For example, my sister-in-law wants to use more technology to improve the efficiency of the farm. She wants to maximize what land they have, but her father doesn’t want to embrace technology in the same way.

Why young farmers love tech

We love technology because we grew up with it. We don’t understand why you wouldn’t want to use it if you can afford it, which is a whole other problem.

If we can make the farm more efficient by using technology, why not try it?

Consider that we all have smartphones these days. Many younger people have grown up with one, and it seems second nature to have a phone on us at all time. Perhaps this is why we wonder why some people don’t embrace tech.

Let’s look at something like seeding

If you are seeding using old technology  it will work, but what happens is you might get some overlap where you seeded. If you use technology, you can avoid that, which will make you more efficient. Also, you will spend less money on seed because you are using the seeds better.

Saving money is a great way to convince someone who you should try some technology. Could you imagine if I said to her dad, “you can save thousands of dollars by trying some technology.” I’d like to think that it would be persuasive enough, but  you never know.

The problem of money

One huge problem that you are going to run into when thinking about tech is, the price. Technology for tractors is crazy expensive. As a new farmer, I have no idea how I am going to integrate tech and the farm without breaking the bank. As I mentioned in an earlier post about how to get money as a new farmer, you really only get $500,000, which isn’t enough for all the fancy equipment.

I recently asked another farmer what suggestions he had on this particular problem, and he had no suggestions.

We all have smartphones. There must be a way to use a smart phone for some of the things that you have to pay  for on a tractor

Think about gps. Every phone has it already. Can’t we use our phone’s gps instead of buying an expensive one for a tractor?

When it comes to the real equipment like a seeder, of course we can’t use our phone to actually seed, but we can use it to map out where we have seeded.

Maybe it is because I am new to this whole farming thing that I don’t know about these technologies yet.

I know a few places. Mobile Farmer  has some great information about using smartphones, but I haven’t found too many other places.


Do you know any programs that are available for mobiles that will be helpful?